Join us for a Hackathon here in Ottawa June 27-29th, 2014

We’ll be working to build solutions to address challenges faced by non-profits, humanitarian and community organizations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where people get together (usually over a weekend) to try and build a prototype to solve some problem defined by the event.

At RHoK Ottawa, we are going to build open source software that solves hard problems facing humanity and humanitarians. For example, we are working with Amnesty to build a tablet app to help collect signatures.

What do you mean by hack? Like breaking into computers and wrecking other people’s stuff?

Most certainly not! We’re using the word “hack” here in it’s original sense: To come up with a clever and unconventional solution to a problem.

Do I have to be a “hacker” to participate?

Not at all! Building great software requires designers, developers and people who are familiar with the problems we are solving, but most importantly we need people who are passionate about solving problems.

Do I have to have a lot of experience?

No! Hackathons are a great way to learn from people with more experience or to learn from people who have skills completely different from your own. If you are just getting started with CSS or want to know more about web pages we want you there

What do I need to bring?

We strongly recommend that you bring a laptop, since we are building software at the event, but it’s not absolutely essential.

What do you expect people to build in a weekend?

To be very clear, it’s really hard to build something complete and working in a weekend. If at the end of the weekend, your team only has card board prototypes of an app flow, that’s perfectly ok! The whole point of a hackathon is to get people with different skill sets together to try and solve a problem.

Schedule for Friday, June 27th

Time Friday, June 27th
7:00pm Event begins: snacks and drinks to be served
7:30pm Project Pitches
8:00pm Team formation
8:30pm Let the hacking begin!
10:00pm Lounge closes for the evening

Schedule for Saturday, June 28th

Time Saturday, June 28th
9:30am Coffee and breakfast served
12:00pm Lunch
6:00pm Dinner
9:30pm Venue closed for the night

Schedule for Sunday, June 29th

Time Sunday, June 29th
9:30am Breakfast and coffee served
12:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Final presentations
2:30pm Hackathon ends


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Oxfam Canada is working with a coalition of organizations on putting together a common campaign calling for a national debate to be held during the 2015 elections on women’s issues/women’s rights (international and national). We’re really interested in how technology can play a role in connecting citizens more directly to political representatives and I think this could be the perfect venue to explore something. We want to create a way to crowd source questions from Canadians on women’s rights and provide a platform for people to then answer them.

Amnesty International Canada

Looking to build an easy way to aggregate and display tweet trends from specific geographic areas. For example to keep an eye on events in Taksim Square

Code for Kids

The focus of Code for Kids is helping out children in workshops, but there’s no reason why children couldn’t learn to program by themselves online. The goal of the project is to build a site like code academy, but aimed at kids aged 7 to 13

Art Engine

Artengine has a library of tools and equipment that they make available to the public, but managing who has what reserved right now is kind of a pain. The project is to build a reservation system that could be used by Artengine and other makerspaces around the world to manage reservations.

Ladies Learning Code

To build a job board that helps connect workshop learners and the technology community with great talent. The job board will have three pages: main, administration page and a job seeker’s area. Some of the key tasks and functionality required are to: search jobs, browse jobs by date, browse by category or by employer, and to include the most recent jobs listed on the front page.

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